Wednesday, December 19, 2007


animation wip! critz!? the fella is still a zombie.


Anonymous said...

dude this is incredible! swweeeet stufff! dont like the music you picked though.

rusty said...

this is looking pretty cool man...
i like the idea and i like the actions and reactions. everything is pretty well paced and interesting.

one thing i might do to make a little more clear is the seems like the main actions are always taking place on the sides of the screen(since the cage is so big and in the middle of the shot) you might consider using multiple shots to bring the action to a more entertaining position.

secondly i feel like the actions are a bit stiff or light footed...possibly add a bit more settle after fast movements and maybe some more extreme Y translations...

really fun stuff though!

keep up the good work!


Andy Wiesbrock said...

wicked awesome secondary motion on good ol' Lt. Dan. fix the guy!

good work tommy boy