Monday, March 10, 2008

Suggested Readings

So I want to start saying things on this. I thought I'd begin by occasionally posting links to things I run across and find interesting.

I picked up a copy of Cartoon Modern by Amid Amidi(been wanting it for a while). I find it incredibly inspiring. It gives an overview of the modern cartoon design of the 1950's. Because I'm impatient, I purchased mine at Borders for $40, those interested but don't mind waiting on shipping can find it on Amazon for considerably less.

Speaking of Amid Amidi, his website Cartoon Brew, Co-run by Jerry Beck is an excellent resource for news and history of the world of animation. Check it out!

Animation studies released volume 2 of their publications, I haven't read through much of it yet, but it seems to be interesting (though a bit dry). You can find it here.

My Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground vinyl came in the mail today, and it excites me.

Progress is continuing on the senior group project at school, "A Finer Diner." I created a couple title cards

and here's an unrelated sketch!

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Anonymous said...

i luv those sketches you did!