Thursday, July 31, 2008

George Liquor ink

Still brushing up on my illustrator inking, Mr. Guimond's recent inks of John K's George Liquor inspired me to do the same. The drawing on the right is the original drawing from John K's blog.
I'm trying to follow the advice he's given Ryan about using weight variation on the lines.

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Ryan G. said...

Hey dude! It took me awhile to kind of figure out how to do this right. The first thing you have to do is look at the drawing and determine what will get the thickest line. So usually the biggest shapes will get these thick lines. Then move on to the medium lines. Then the smaller details.

I always dont get it right the first time so continue pulling back from the drawing and looking from a distance to make sure the ink makes sense.

Try and taper the line more too. It looks really sexy. It takes a good hand and usually takes me about 8-10 tries a stroke sometimes.

You can also grab the white arrow and reposition the points and grab the handles to adjust.

I for long curvy lines, I try and do it in one stroke. Start off by barely touching the pen to the Wacom and stroke fast gradually applying more pressure.

Call me if you need anything else bud.